The Community Garden Network

There are several community garden networks created to aid food provision and horticulture ornamental reasons. In Ireland, the need to create such a network has always been important.

This garden network has proved to be useful for various environmental and social causes they promote. The community garden network is established to promote and facilitate gardening services in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

About the Site

The community garden network website has been around for a while and the site was originally about gardening services and awareness towards Irish citizens. It was launched in 2011 to promote community gardening in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The site was primarily about a virtual connection for community gardens, offering help, educating the society, and disseminating vital resources. It was meant as an online platform where ideas about gardening around the country are exchanged.

We accept members from community gardeners, community gardening instructors/coordinators, or anyone interested in organizing a community garden in Ireland and Northern Ireland. All interested members are advised to sign up for the latest updates to get vital news.

This gardening network is run by a group of passionate volunteers who work round the clock to make this platform a success. Any financial aid is welcomed in all forms to promote the cause.

Aims and Objectives

As a well-run gardening group we have some aims and objectives like:

  • Promoting, facilitating, and improving community gardens and food production: The primary aim is to make sure that our communities have better-looking gardens and surplus food production in the country.
  • Encourage new and old members by given profitable ideas and pieces of advice to interested parties: Members who need gardening pieces of advice and tips will be given just that in order to benefit them in their personal and business horticultural operations
  • Aiding local citizens irrespective of background, race, age, or sex to make excellent inputs in their neighborhoods: As a network, we hope to help all citizens of the country, particularly those around us no matter the gender, race, or social status.
  • Support gardening projects financially: All financially viable gardening projects will be supported with funds in the region. These funds are gotten via donations from members and other non-governmental agencies.

Furthermore, all registered members will get well—researched and prepared tips on how to run their private gardens and how they can provide well-tended gardening services to the public. Using the website to create awareness is also one of our goals. Indeed, we aim to use this online medium to increase awareness about the benefits of community gardening. We will do these using videos, newsletters, and articles.

What the Community Garden Network Represents

The value we represent ​​are:

  • Social cooperation: We genuinely work together with other reputable networks to bring positive societal change.
  • Non-discrimination: We preach for the inclusion of everyone no matter your discipline.
  • Respect: Respect is one of the core values ​​we cherish, therefore, we encourage all members to adhere judiciously to lay down organic principles and enhanced environmental diversity following good nature practices.
  • Healthy lifestyles: This is one of the core values ​​because this will lead to a better world and less sickness.
  • Innovation: We stand for creativity and good innovation practices in gardening services delivery.

Why do People Join the Community Garden Network?

Individuals have their various unique reasons for joining a support group. We have many active members and that is because they:

  • Want to know how to grow their personal food: Most people join this community garden network to know how to be self-sufficient in food production.
  • Teach other people how to grow their food: Some join the network to be able to teach others how to be self-reliant when it comes to gardening services and food production.
  • Offer food and financial donations: We have some private individuals who are philanthropic in nature. These members are financial members, and they contribute but their food resources and make monetary donations to support projects that are beneficial to the community.
  • Empower individuals: When we talk about empowering individuals, we talk about the provision of jobs and business. Some of these members use this platform to empower youths and the unemployed in the community.
  • Horticulture Therapy: Some individuals join to improve their mental capacity and cognitive abilities. It has been recommended by some doctors in natural medicine that therapy gardening improves brain coordination.

The community gardening network is about giving news and good information about gardening in Ireland. The aim and objectives, values, and why we have a huge membership base, have been explained extensively above. Stay safe.