Major Gardening Contract for Irish Online Casinos

The Community Garden Network is a group that caters for all your gardening needs in Ireland and Northern Ireland. We will be discussing how we just won a huge gardening contract to take care of all online casinos office and villas in Ireland, the gardening works planned at this casino office, and our client’s profile.

It is with a sense of humility that we announce that we have recently been awarded a big contract to cater to all the gardening needs of all online casinos and villa in Ireland. This deal was no mean feat, and we will be sharing how we won the contract:

  • Preparing the proposal: This process includes highlighting what we intend to do for them, the cost, and how long it will take. We have to consider some factors like fees, other competitor prices, and quality of work while preparing these bids because they are a new customer.
  • Submitting the proposal: In two days, we submitted our proposal to them via email and followed up with regular calls.
  • Presentation of the proposal: We were called a week after submission to come for the presentation. The presentation has to be done in front of the MD and some top officials.

Our sales executive did a good job talking about the various benefits of gardening to big online casinos and how it will benefit them.

Gardening Works Planned for the Irish Online Casino

The deal involves us carrying out some ornamental works around the various offices and compound of the online casino, some works include:

  • Choosing ideal plants for office types of equipment

The community garden network will do some work which involves getting good plants that are ideal for office equipment. Some of these plants we hope to use are Areca palm, snake plant, money plants, and Chinese evergreen plants. These plants convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and also protect the office from various chemicals in the atmosphere.

  • Choosing Colorful Plants That Are Visually Beautiful

The casino office is a place where many people including players and clients will come regularly. Therefore, we plan to adorn their offices with good plants that are good to the eye. Some of these plants include rubber tree plants, air plants, peace Lilly plants, aloe plants, and red-edged dracaena.

  • Landscaping the garden

This is a very crucial part of our job where we effectively manipulate the office grounds to look beautiful, change the garden terrain, and mount eye-catching structures that will be befitting for a top online casino.

Our Client

Our client is a top and reliable online Irish casino comparison website that offers a plethora of casino information to the public. Some services offered by our client include:

  • Gambling educational services: Our client offers advice about the good and bad site of various online casino websites, letting you make an informed choice.
  • Odds comparison: He shows the various odds given by various online casinos, allowing players to compare which they prefer.
  • Bonuses and promotional rewards comparison: This client shows the numerous bonuses offered by various online casinos.

The above article has been able to highlight how we just won a huge contract, some work we will be doing for our client, and the services our clients do. Have a good day.